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Floyd’s Pelican Bar ( edit )

-, Jamaica
It appears that these huge palm leaves and trunks of the once fallen into the ocean of trees for a long time floated on the waves and then just caught in the pile sticking out of the ocean. That’s probably how the Pelican Bar, located about a mile from the southwest coast of Jamaica was built on. Part of its visitors that have no room to be fitted inside the bar drink, standing waist-deep in water. Do not want to get to the bar by swimming? A couple of local fishermen are always ready to take you there from the beach for a few dollars. And do not forget to immediately agree with them on the way back – you yourself will not be able to reach the shore.

What to order: cocktail Pelican Perfection, made from rum, ginger beer, lime juice and sugar.

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5) Fucking black hole!
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