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Laine baar ( edit )

2, 10124 Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia

Vortex Rating Guide:

1) It's a damn canteen of a kindergarten!
2) You go, you drink, you exit. It's a bar.
3) Fun, but a bit too mainstream...
4) Real vortex, deep as hell!
5) Fucking black hole!
How deep is the vortex?

3.5 / 5.0 (10 votes)

Stories from the vortex ( add your own )

We have 2 stories for this vortex

1. Experienced by once went there after BD party
Story added: 4814 days ago
shouting and guys going topless around the table (for original russian vodka shot drinking) did not surprise nor disturb the barmaid in any way :)

2. Experienced by M
Story added: 4909 days ago
Guaranteed fun. It's wise to go there after 4am when the local lowlife starts to gather into this place. You'll definitely make some new friends which are not so easy to get rid of later on. The fat Russian lady at the bar is priceless and she will sell alcohol in bottles also during the night for take-away, while it's actually banned by the law.