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Mr Zadar ( edit )

Brne Krnaruti?a 1-7
Zadar, Croatia
Down a narrow street, and next weird speaking locals... You enter, and see the shelfs offering the typical beers and stuff. But ask for the local plastic bottle below the counter. Russian language is a plus for achiving this.
If you're in the right mode, there is also a guitar around that can help you get the Rakija down, as well as get in good mood together with Mr. Zadar.

Mr. Zadar is not the acual name, as noone remembers this.

But if you sing the frase:
Mr. Zadar in his bar...
And get some reactions, you know you're on the right place...

Vortex Rating Guide:

1) It's a damn canteen of a kindergarten!
2) You go, you drink, you exit. It's a bar.
3) Fun, but a bit too mainstream...
4) Real vortex, deep as hell!
5) Fucking black hole!
How deep is the vortex?

4.8 / 5.0 (6 votes)

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