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Taine ( edit )

Strada George Cosbuc nr. 1
Timisoara, Romania
Most of the time it's extremely crowded and the poor air conditioning system can't cope with the amount of cigarette smoke that's usually produced.

Although it's a great hook-up place, one should always ask for legal proof before engaging in a mating ritual.

There's a saying that after 2 AM comes 6 AM when in Taine, so get out while you can as things usually get rather blurry.

- stay away from the Tequila, as it never ends up happy.
- beer is cheap and so is the wine
- Jägermeister shots are a good treat and so are the Jägerbombs (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jägerbomb)

Vortex Rating Guide:

1) It's a damn canteen of a kindergarten!
2) You go, you drink, you exit. It's a bar.
3) Fun, but a bit too mainstream...
4) Real vortex, deep as hell!
5) Fucking black hole!
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