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The Overstay Bar ( edit )

ก๋วยเตี๊ยวไก่ใส่ตีน 80 Charan Sanitwong Rd, Khwaeng Bang Yi Khan, Khet Bang Phlat, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10700, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand
NB! The location on the map is a bit wrong. Check their website for correct directions

Former whore house turned to squat.
"The city’ s dirtiest, skuzziest, most amateur music venue and hotel. It’s 3am on Saturday night and the no-name punk band clears the stage. The audience, young low budget wasters - hippies and crusties, punks, freeloaders and the confused"

Vortex Rating Guide:

1) It's a damn canteen of a kindergarten!
2) You go, you drink, you exit. It's a bar.
3) Fun, but a bit too mainstream...
4) Real vortex, deep as hell!
5) Fucking black hole!
How deep is the vortex?

4.7 / 5.0 (6 votes)

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1. Experienced by Mr Traveller
Story added: 1983 days ago
This place is everything you can not imagine.