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Café Bendl ( edit )

Landesgerichtsstraße 6, 1080 Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria
Worn down through the ages. Smoky, interior looks like it hasn't changed since the 1930ies.

Bendl is an institution!

The place to go at the end of a night of drinking - when you think about going home or having 'one more beer'. Also has warm food (Viennese kitchen) through the whole night.
And then the next day you wonder where that headache came from...

Mostly full of students during the night, with some drunk local celebrities mixed in.
Very student-friendly prices for food+beer+"Koks"(a local shot including coffee beans)

Vortex Rating Guide:

1) It's a damn canteen of a kindergarten!
2) You go, you drink, you exit. It's a bar.
3) Fun, but a bit too mainstream...
4) Real vortex, deep as hell!
5) Fucking black hole!
How deep is the vortex?

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