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DM Baar ( edit )

Voorimehe 4, 10146 Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia
Over the years, has found a way to bar a lot of visitors from abroad, the place has found a mention in many media and advertising section introducing the bar is slid through the British television channel BBC cables.

Depeche Mode, the bar of excellence for a moment to read the 27th of 2001 August, a day before the concert in Tallinn visited the bar members of Depeche Mode Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher Christian Eigner'i with the drummer and the other escorts. Hilisööni spree:)

The bar has also been visited by Depeche Mode a long-time partner, photographer Anton Corbijn, and video director.

2002nd month of May opened the bar room in addition to the Zombie Room, which began to organize events on a regular basis - so if the other related DM'iga tantsupidusid. EDMFK members in these events is free or half price entrance!

by Mumu: The prices are incredibly high and it's fucking mainstream. The old DM bar in Nunne street was way better, not much has survived from the original venu after it reached the Lonely Planet...

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