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Ayoub ( edit )

Humboldtstra├če 44
Ayoub, Ayoub
I am on my third season with a large Bonzai water park. If you work at it, they can last at least three years. My first year a seam ripepd out and several holes developed. I patched the holes with the supplied fabric patch material and some commercial fabric glue. I clamped the patches between two pieces of wood with a large C-clamp. I hauled my wifes sewing machine out to the yard and gathered the edges of the rip and sewed it closed. I then applied a glued patch over the repair. Second year, one small seam opened and I sewed it closed with some heavy thread and a large needle. The key to makeing these things last is to dry them completely between uses. I bought a submersable pump that I use to empty the pool and water the flower beds. I use a towel to soak up the rest of the water and when I have the outside completely dry I deflate it and fold it in half exposing half of he bottom to the sun. The next day I dry the other side. I continue to move it in this manner until it is dry. If it gets water on the inside you can inflate it while it is empty and push the water out. The key is to not let it mildue. You must make sure it is very very dry before you put it away or the thread will degrade while stored. I dry mine for at least two weeks at the end of the season (when school starts) This is the first year that mine has accumulated signifigant amounts of water on the inside so I have added a step to my maintenance. I dry the slide on the outside. Deflate it and pull it into a bunch until it fits over a saw horse or garden bench. I work the bench down the slide so the water moves down hill. When I get to the end, I pull the slide up until the last bit of water drips out of the slide. I then inflate it again to completely dry the inside. The water is entering the slide at the bottom of the large slide. I am going to get some seam sealer and seal those seams to limit the water entry. I am determined to get a fourth year out of this slide. I may even buy a second blower off of ebay and use it because the slide is getting a little soft as the seams are leaking more air. My two boys and their friends often play all day and into the evening on this thing. I have worked hard to keep it in good shape but it has been worth it.

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